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The organization needs your specialized skills and talents. We have worked to organize our committees for clarity and efficiency so members seeking further opportunities for involvement can find one that best fits you. You are welcome to reach out to any of the chairs and members with further questions and inquiries. Completing the WBDI Committee Interest Form is by no means a commitment, but rather a request for more information and a further conversation with one of our committee chairs or members.

WBDI Committee Interest Form



Sheet Music Edits
CHAIR - Shayna Stahl
CO-CHAIR - Courtney Snyder
Bethann Adams
This committee helps support the organizational elements of the bi-annual Composition Competition. The most important task of committee members is that of judging the submitted work to determine a winner.

DEI & Microgrants

CHAIR - Shemeka Nash
CO-CHAIR - Catherine Rand
Tara Cappelletti
Judy Grimes
Andrea Mack
Sarah Nietupski
Ashley Shoupe
Shayna Stahl
Roxanne Stevenson
The Women Band Directors International organization recognizes the value of each individual and promotes integrity, respect, and regard for others. Equality within its membership is a core value in WBDI. We strive to create a welcoming environment that reflects the community of music educators we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their whole, authentic selves to this organization. Additionally, this committee provides annual microgrants that promote diversity and inclusion in the K-12 school and community bands. They provide financial assistance for these selected band programs to pursue and actively engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Historical Curation

Browsing Books
CHAIR - Pam Klena
CO-CHAIR - M. J. Robinson
The rich history of WBDI is the history of all women. The preservation of this history is vital for reflecting on how far we have come and how much more potential we have to achieve. The chair and co-chair of the committee act as a liaison to the University of Maryland, who curates the organization's historical documents and artifacts. The committee aids in collecting and delivering this information.

Corporate Membership

CHAIR - Bethann Adams
WBDI supports and encourages partnerships between the educational and corporate personnel within the profession. This committee fosters such relationships and promotes businesses who advocate for music education. The members recruit and act as liaisons between the organization and the corporate members.


Classmates in the Library
CO-CHAIR - Brittan Braddock
CO-CHAIR - Julia Baumanis
Judith Grimes
Lori Schwartz Reichl
Visit the Mentorship webpage.
The Mentorship Committee of Women Band Directors International is a dedicated group of experienced music educators passionate about mentoring the next generation of women band directors. Our mission as a committee is to provide support to empower women band directors, including but not limited to:
1) Creating mentorship opportunities for members of WBDI through conversation, coaching, visits, sharing of resources, ideas and experience; 2) Fostering positive relationships amongst the women of our profession that will lead to the sharing of wisdom, experience, and encouragement that promote teaching/making music at a high level, program development, and professional longevity; and
3) Collaborating as women in the field of band directorship in projects that promote connectivity and growth as a community.

Midwest Booth & Summer Conference Committee

CHAIR - M. J. Robinson
Ruth Petersen
Shannon Shaker
Krystal Williams
WBDI gathers twice a year at The Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic and the WBDI Summer Conference. This is the opportunity for the organization to welcome members both new and already active. The Midwest Booth is a visual representation of the organization that provides information to potential members and allows members to gather. The summer conference is an opportunity for members to gather in fellowship and professional development and get involved in the organization.

Professional Development Committee

PC Conducting.jpeg
CHAIR - Lesley Moffat
Theresa Hoover
Leah McGray
Cathi Quick
Wendy Reeves
WBDI's Professional Development Committee aims to provide members with professional development that is meaningful, effective, and approachable. These learning opportunities are applicable to women at all stages in their career. Professional development may include print resources, presentations, podcasts/interviews, and a resource collection specifically for WBDI members.

Scholarship Committee

Dollar Bills
CHAIR - Shannon Shaker
Jenny Neff
WBDI provides annual scholarships to women enrolled in a college music program who intend to become band directors. A newer initiative is to give scholarships to WBDI members who seek to further their continuing education through attending conducting workshops or presenting at conferences. The Scholarship Committee is responsible for overseeing the application process and selection of scholarship recipients. Committee members must be able to dedicate time in their schedules during the month of November to review collegiate scholarship applications and select winners. Committee members should have experience teaching in higher education.

Social Media Committee

CHAIR - Tara Cappelletti
M. J. Robinson
The Social Media Committee aims to engage and connect our members through relevant and important social media content. We also aim to share the benefits of WBDI membership and the accomplishments and endeavors of our members with future members and supporters of WBDI.
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