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Awards, Scholarships, and Grants

Director Awards:

WBDI awards serve to recognize those individuals who have made truly significant and outstanding contributions to furthering the excellence of bands and band music. It is not limited to women directors alone, but to anyone whose contributions are determined to be so outstanding that they deserve and warrant honor and recognition in support of women in the profession.

Program Awards:

The purpose of these awards is to identify, recognize, and honor school band programs from small schools that have demonstrated particularly significant high standards of excellence in concert activities over a period of several years.

Student Awards:

The purpose of the awards is to honor outstanding students of WOMEN BAND DIRECTORS INTERNATIONAL, INC. members. (Downloadable)

Admin and Parent Awards:

The purpose of the awards is to honor outstanding supporters of bands led by members of WOMEN BAND DIRECTORS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (Downloadable)


WBDI scholarships serve to provide financial support to women music education students who are studying to become future band directors. Additionally scholarships can be given to women band directors who seek to further their education through attending conducting workshops.  


These grants promote diversity and inclusion in the K-12 school and community bands. They provide financial assistance for these selected band programs to pursue and actively engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

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