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WBDI Hall of Fame for Distinguished Women Conductors

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Standards for Hall of Fame Selection

  1. Consistently produced instrumental music groups of high performance level.

  2. Consistently performed programs of high quality.

  3. Has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of instrumental music groups through participation and leadership in professional organizations.

  4. If living, must be an active member of WOMEN BAND DIRECTORS INTERNATIONAL, INC.

  5. Has hosted meetings, festivals, and/or presented workshops, clinics, adjudicated, or guest conducted ensembles in and/or out of home state/province or country to indicate exceptional service.

  6. Has written articles for music journals and/or participated in curriculum work.

Professional Growth:

  1. Has actively taught instrumental music a minimum of thirty-five (35) years or attained the age of sixty (60).

  2. Has been recognized for outstanding contributions to instrumental music on a state and/or national level or equivalent.

Procedures for Nomination:

  1. A nomination form and at least three letters of recommendation shall be forwarded to the Hall of Fame Committee by the Winter Meeting the year preceding induction.

  2. The Hall of Fame Committee will review the letters and submit its recommendation to the Executive Board for approval at the summer meeting of the Executive Board. Candidates will be notified by October 1st prior to the induction.

  3. The induction fee shall be equivalent to the current market value of the framed portrait of the Hall of Fame recipient and a plaque. The sponsor(s) of the recipient shall be responsible for the payment of the induction fee.

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