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Pioneer Women of the Podium
Up to the End of WWII

Evelyn Scott Baker, OR

Imogene Boyle, NY

Helen May Butler, RI

Browne Greaton Cole, FL

Cora Youngblood Corson, OK

Augusta Dial, OH

Bernice Brown Dillenger, MO

Thelma Stuart Harris, Dot Hill, MA

Bertha Hilton

Tressie Truax Hunt, KY

Mary Lightfoot, MO

Virginia McChesney, VA

Nellie Miles, MA

Charlotte Plummer Owen, MI

Lillian Poenisch, IL

Laura Antoinette Reiter

Marion Shoemaker, PA

Veola Thompson

Eva Tisdale, LA

May Valentine

Ruth McCorkle Wegner, MN

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