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2022 WBDI Scholarship Winners

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Meet our winners of the 2022 WBDI Scholarships!

Gladys Stone Wright Memorial Scholarship

Laia Borrell Pozo

Roosevelt University

Year 4 - Bachelor of Music in Music Education

“I want to empower students from any background, socioeconomic status, and experience through the sound of a musical instrument. Starting band programs in foster homes, hospitals, and low-income schools, my job is to ensure that every child has the opportunity I and many others have had. Instead of students fighting for that position in a program, I want to bring the program to them. In a world where music and harmony can aid and expand one’s creativity, I would like to live and bring such a world to one who is helpless and cannot afford it. Because nothing is impossible if you are determined, diligent, and can believe.”

Ladies of the Podium Scholarship

Chelsea Zuniga

University of Central Oklahoma

Year 1 - Master of Music in Music Education

“My professional goals are to become a successful music educator, band director, and stay a lifelong learner. Above all, I want the work I do to reach as many kids as possible, and make an impact on them as well as the Mannford community.”

Volkwein Memorial Scholarship

Mikayla Bohner

Gustavus Adolphus College

Year 3 - Bachelor of Arts in Music Education

“Upon graduation from Gustavus, I plan to begin my teaching career as a middle school or high school band director in rural Minnesota because I see a need in small towns for music educators, and I feel that my gifts can be used best to serve the communities there. I want to make a difference in the lives of others by being a band director that provides the opportunity for everyone to develop their own appreciation for music in a supportive community.”

Martha Ann Stark Memorial Scholarship

Emily Trapini

University of Missouri Kansas City

Year 1 - Master of Music in Wind Conducting

“As a current graduate conducting student, my passion lies in learning how to make the art of wind music more readily accessible and relevant to our global community through my work as a conductor. I have dedicated my profession to working with students from underserved communities and committing to giving them high quality musical experiences, because that is the environment that I've come from as a young woman with Puerto Rican heritage. I believe children from every community deserve a high quality education. I fully intend to continue to pursue this passion by elevating the quality of musical experiences for underserved communities in any way that I can beyond graduate school.”

Charlotte Plummer Owen Scholarship

Paige Barber

Central Washington University

Year 3 - Music Education and Trombone Performance

“Ever since I was in the 6th grade, I’ve known that I want to teach band one day. I plan on teaching after I graduate from CWU. I aspire to start off teaching at the high school level, but would like to one day work at the collegiate level. I would like to obtain a masters degree, and will most likely start an online masters program so I can continue developing my skills as a teacher. I also hope to develop a smaller trombone studio so I can teach private lessons.”

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